Falcon, Falk, Falco means hawk

Falcon, Falk, Falco means hawk

Local Origin of Name:English
From the name Falcon

Meaning: In the Hawk Family. Brave, Hawk

Emotional Spectrum • Even on a winter day, he shines through!

Personal Integrity • He has a reverence for truth.
Personality • Good nature and good sense are usually companions.

Relationships • Probably gives more in a relationship than he receives.

Travel & Leisure • Adventuresome in spirit, always on the move.

Career & Money • An education is Falcon’s most valuable asset.
Life’s Opportunities • Destined for greatness, nothing can hold back this gifted person.
Falcon’s Lucky Numbers: 44 •13 • 1 • 6 • 49 • 24

Edie Falco


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