Kam Wu-seong

Kam Wu-seong

Kam Wu-seong (born October 1, 1970) is a South Korean film actor. He achieved critical acclaim for his portrayal in The King and the Clown of a court acrobat serving a despotic king. He had a major in Oriental painting of Seoul National University. He is known for passionate fan of Celine Dion, which leads him to role in narrator of her concert in Seoul, South Korea.


  • 2006 Grand Bell Awards: Best Actor (The King and the Clown)
  • 2006 Chunsa Film Art Awards: Best Actor (The King and the Clown)
  • 2006 Blue Dragon Film Awards: Best Couple Award with Lee Jun Ki (The King and the Clown)
  • 2002 MBC Drama Awards: Best Actor (Hyun Jung, I Love You)
  • 2002 Grime Awards: Best Actor (Marriage is a Crazy Thing)
  • 2002 Korean Film Awards: Best New Actor (Marriage is a Crazy Thing)
  • 1999 MBC Drama Awards: Popularity Award

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