Taylor Ashley Horn as Princess Bambi Monroe

  Taylor Ashley Horn (born October 12, 1992, in Redlands, California) is an American singer-songwriter and occasional actress from Kentwood, Louisiana. She now goes by the stage name of Princess Bambi Monroe. To date, Horn has released two studio albums, a Christmas EP and two singles. She has also appeared in a PBS film, which was unaired as well as a British documentary.   Horn has also inspired an exhibit inside the Kentwood Museum in place of fellow Kentwood native, Britney Spears, whom Horn has been constantly compared to by both the American and British media. Horn also now writes and performs music in Spanish. Horn was living in London, England, working with songwriters and producers as well being in the process of promoting her career there before she and her grandmother were both deported from England as the UK officials in Liverpool claim, Horn did not have a valid certificate from Horn’s publishers BMI stating her as an entertainer to stay in England.

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