Menna, Meinhild, Mena

Menna, Meinhild, Mena


 Local Origin of Name: German

From the German name Mena, Mein

       Meaning:: Strength 

 Emotional Spectrum • Not confrontational,  prefers to accommodate.

Personal Integrity • The decency of Menna is never questioned.

Personality • Her smile is contagious.

Relationships • When it comes to friends, only ‘true blue’ need apply.

Travel & Leisure • Although she enjoys her home, far-away  lands hold interest.

Career & Money • A gifted child, Menna will need to be challenged constantly.

Life’s Opportunities • Not one to pass up a chance for advancement,  she will go far.

Menna’s Lucky Numbers:    22 • 25 • 10 • 34 • 44 • 9

Created By

Variant of Mena in countries where that name is used (i.e., Germany, Netherlands, Mena being a German/Dutch diminutive of various names beginning with Mein, such as Meinhild, where the meaning is “strength”), but Menna is also used regularly in Wales in modern times. Welsh writers on names are unable to explain its origin.

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