Monika name means a wise counselor in English and India

Monica Local Origin  of  Name:  English From the Latin  name  Monica Meaning:      ‘Adviser’ or  ‘nun’ Emotional Spectrum  .Handles a crisis well, people  seek her guidance Personal Integrity .An honest person, people  search out  Monica  for advice Personality .Her smile is contagious Relationships .While  crowds are fun,  she  needs her alone  time Travel & Leisure .Monica  knows how to relax! Career & Money .Many career moves  advance her in her chosen field Life’s Opportunities .No stranger to hard work,  her efforts will be  rewarded Monica’s Lucky Numbers:40  .3 .46  .10 .37  .8 Monica is a female given name with many variant forms, including Monca, Monicka, Monika, Monike, Moniqua, Monique, Moneca, and Monnica.


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