Usman name mans shining one in Arabic


Local Origin of Name: Arabic From the name Usman Usman is an alternative, predominantly Urdu, spelling of the Arabic name Uthman. Uthman (Transliteration: Othman, Osman, Usman, Ozman) is a male Arabic given name meaning “the chosen one amongst the tribe of brave and noble people”, “honest”, “caring”, “sincere”, “genuine”, and “attractive”. Meaning: The shining one Emotional Spectrum .Beneath the calm exterior… Personal Integrity .In a world of deceit, Usman stands for truth and integrity. Personality .Footloose and fancy free. Relationships .The life of the party, Usman feels comfortable in the spotlight. Travel & Leisure .A person well-suited to new lands and new faces. Career & Money .He is known for his communication skills – a natural leader. Life’s Opportunities .The right career is the key to financial success for him. Usman’s Lucky Numbers:59 .28 .15 .24 .55 .8

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