Silas name means woods or woodland

Silas_pagenumber.001 Silas Local Origin of Name: Latin From the Latin name Silva Silvana (Italian), Silvia (Latin) and Sylvia (Latin). Silvi, Silvie, Silvy, Silvya, Sylva.
First and Last name Meaning: ‘Woods’ Emotional Spectrum .A well rounded person with an even temper. Personal Integrity .A trusted individual by everyone. Personality .Nice to all great and small. Relationships .Starts slowly, but a relationship with Silas builds over time. Travel & Leisure .Likes primitive travel by day, but comfort at night! Career & Money .His study skills are the key to a good education! Life’s Opportunities .A person of direction, he plans out his life. Silas’s Lucky Numbers: 10 .9 .39 .54 .22 .58

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