María Chacon bio and photos

María Chacón (born María Fernanda Chacón Romo, July 10, 1991) is a Mexican actress, and singer, who gained fame after appearing in Codigo Fama. She was born in Baja California. She began her career in 2000, in television commercials and then in Codigo Fama. A Televisa Children’s program aimed at finding talent, leaving in seventh place out of 40 children. Since then has participated in several soap operas and television series, her first opportunity as an actress occurred in Alegrijes y Rebujos. In 2000, she was cast as one of the main characters in Alegrijes y Rebujos, a Mexican novela for children. Maria played Sofia “Chofis”, the lovable main character. She was then sent to the Athens 2004 Olympic Games by Televisa Niños, to drive segments directed at children. Returning she ventured into the children’s musical play “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer,” playing the main character of Becky Thatcher. She has had guest appearances in other soap operas like Misión S.O.S (2004) playing “Chany” as well as in Peregrina (2005) as the character of “Edith”. Also in the television series Mujer, Casos de la Vida Real (2006) as “Beatrice” a young girl who suffers abuse and child exploitation. She also participated in the comedy series “Que madre tan padre!” (2006), in the role of “Jessica Hernandez”, a nerdy teenager with psychological problems. In 2009 she currently works in the telenovela La Rosa de Guadalupe with other members of the band Grupo Play like Anhuar Escalante and Miguel Martinez. She participated in the musical show “La Tardeada de las Estrellas” which toured many major cities. The cast was made up, besides Maria, Miguel Martinez, Gladys Gallegos, Anhuar Escalante, Michelle Alvarez, Roxana Puente including all former participants in Código FAMA. She participated in the musical group Play, with their first album entitled “Días Que No Vuelven”.

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