Ignatius name means ardent or burning

ignatius Ignatius name means ardent or burning Local Origin of Name: Latin From the name Ignatios Variant name of  Iggie, Ignace, Ignacio, Ignax, Inigo Meaning: Ardent or Burning. Emotional Spectrum • Why be sad? Life is too much fun! Personal Integrity • No one would doubt his word. Personality • Mischievous personality and an independent spirit. Relationships • People who know Ignatios want to be his friend. Travel & Leisure • A lifetime of travel is his destiny. Career & Money • He has a natural business sense, and will go far. Life’s Opportunities • Not taken in by scams, people will seek Ignatios’s advice. ” Do not let your hearts be troubled… In my Father’s house are many rooms. ” Created By Firstnamestore.com Please advise us about name meaning also. sung@nydob.com

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