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Putri name means daughter
Name of your babies

Putri name means daughter Local Origin of Name: Indonesian From the name Putri Meaning: Daughter or Princess Emotional Spectrum •…

Lahja name means Gift
Name of your babies

Lahja name means Gift Local Origin of Name: Finnish From the name Lahja Lahja is First and Last name. Meaning:…

Tacie name means Silence
Name of your babies

Tacie name means Silence Local Origin of Name: Latin From the name Tacie Variant name of Taciele. Meaning: Silence Emotional…

Laima name means Luck
Name of your babies

Laima name means Luck Local Origin of Name: Lithuanian From the name Laima Laima is a Latvian and Lithuanian female…

Kelome name means Holy
Name of your babies

Kelome name means Holy Local Origin of Name: Hawaiian, India From the name Kelome. Variant name of Hieronymos. Meaning: Holy…

Lahela name means Ewe
Name of your babies

Lahela name means Ewe Local Origin of Name: Hawaiian From the Hebrew name Rachel Meaning: ‘Ewe’ or ‘lamb’ Genesis 29:16…