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Kapena name means captain
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Kapena name means captain Local Origin of Name: Hawaiian From the name Kapena Meaning: Captain Emotional Spectrum • An emotional…

Kaila name means Style
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Kaila name means Style Local Origin of Name: Arabic From the Arabic name Kalila Meaning: Style or Girl friends Emotional…

Kaede name means Maple
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Kaede name means Maple Local Origin of Name: Japanese From the name Kaede Kaede is Unisex name Meaning: Maple Emotional…

Kalju name means Bolder
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Kalju name means Bolder Local Origin of Name: Estonian From the name Kalju Kalju is First and Last name Meaning:…

Kaius name means Lord
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Kaius name means Lord Local Origin of Name: Roman From the name Kaius. Variant name of Gaius. Meaning: Lord Emotional…